Children of all ages experience behavioral difficulties...

  • Some children develop adaptive behaviors at a delayed rate.
  • Other children struggle with appropriate socialization.
  • And then there are children who appear to be stubborn and oppositional to everything.

Learning Profiles' evaluations focus on why the behavior is occurring.

At Learning Profiles we work hard to find the function of the behavior.  We ask the question:   "What does your child gain or avoid by engaging in these behaviors?"  In addition, we look at all diagnostic criteria to determine if a disability may be the cause for the behaviors that you are concerned about.

Evaluations & Assessments

  • Evaluations focus on both your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  
  • Our Evaluations include all the necessary components for a DSM-IV Diagnosis and meet Public Schools' criteria.
  • Our reports can also be customized to make recommendations for Private Schools that specialize in working with students with disabilities. 
  • Testing Instruments are used based on your child’s own abilities. 
  • The Behavior Assessment includes checklists, rating scales, interviews and surveys completed by parents, teachers, and your child, depending on the age. These assessments help to measure the Observer's interpretations of behavior in relation to adaptive behavior, socialization, functional skills, and the appropriateness or dysfunction within various settings. 

Upon completion of all of our evaluations Learning Profiles provides a customized report detailing your child’s abilities and behaviors.  This report includes recommendations based on the results of the evaluation.

Do you provide Behavior Modification?
 As part of our counseling services, Learning Profiles offers behavior techniques for parents and children to help reduce undesirable behaviors. We also provide assistance in working with children who appear to be developing behavioral skills at a delayed rate. 

However, as part of our evaluation process we may determine that a behavioral disorder, such as Autism, is present and may require more than short-term counseling or individualized behavioral techniques. When appropriate, Learning Profiles works with other Clinics and Therapists to determine the best course of action. 

Why are these behaviors occurring in one setting, such as school or at home, but not everywhere? Children often display different behaviors in different settings. There are many possible reasons for this, including the different demands placed on your child, the different reactions or expectations of the other people around during that time, or the levels of motivation and/or frustration in each setting.

Learning Profiles evaluates your child’s strengths and weaknesses to help determine which settings are suited to their strengths and which settings may expose their weaknesses. In addition, we look at behavioral responses and the settings they occur in by observation, interviews, and other behavioral assessments.  In this way, we look at the whole child and their environmental responses to determine the function of their behavior.


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