Is your child successful in school?

Does your child learn new material quickly? As a parent, are you concerned that your child is not being challenged in school?  If you answered yes to any of the questions above, your child may be Gifted and need enriched curriculum to meet their needs.

Gifted testing can be done through the public schools or privately.

Advantages of Private Gifted Testing through Learning Profiles:
  • Time:  Evaluations are done on your own schedule. 
  • Faster Results: Evaluations will be scored, and the results will be delivered shortly after the assessment is administered.  Our personalized reports are often completed within days - not weeks. 
  • Customized Report: All pertinent information relating to your child’s educational strengths and weaknesses will be explained in detail.  This Customized Report can be used by you, your child's teachers and administrators to help your child achieve their full potential.  
  • Individualized Assessment:  Every child has different learning styles.   After a brief interview about your child’s abilities the examiner will choose the best testing instrument to highlight your child's strengths. 
  • Trust: Learning Profiles will conduct an accurate assessment of your child’s true abilities. School placement recommendations will be made regardless of score.
Why should I get private gifted testing rather than through the school system?  The biggest advantage of having a gifted evaluation done privately is the testing is scheduled at the most appropriate time for you and your child. Gifted Testing done through the public school system often can be a long process, and getting the results may take as long as a full school year from the time of testing. 

Another advantage of Private Gifted Testing is that you (and you alone) control the test results and information.  Many parents are concerned that their child’s teacher will not challenge them if the child does not test in the “Gifted” range (or if they achieve a score that places the child within the "Average" range).  If you want to know your child’s abilities, and then use the results how you see fit, a private evaluation may be more appropriate for you.

Will the results of a private gifted test count in the public school system?  Absolutely.  Although additional information may be needed from your child's teachers, our assessments and evaluations meet the public school criteria to determine your child's cognitive abilities.

How long is the Gifted Testing Session?  These sessions typically take 1-2 hours.

What are the advantages of having Gifted Evaluation administered by Learning Profiles?  There are several reasons to choose Learning Profiles over other private testing companies. First, we tailor the assessment instrument to your child’s strengths. For example:

  • If your child has an expressive or receptive language disorder, we use a valid testing instrument that does not require answering general comprehension questions or describing how two items are alike.
  • If your child enjoys playing with blocks and puzzles, we use an assessment that has several of these types of activities.
Some companies pride themselves on using one specific instrument that they claim to be the best measure. There is limited, if any, current evidence that any of the standardized tests of intelligence accepted by the public school systems are more reliable or valid than the others. This “best measure” statement normally means that it is the best instrument for the examiner to use (as it may be the only one they know), and not the best one for your child's specific skill set.

Additionally, Learning Profiles Customized Evaluation Report is far superior to many "standardized" reports often prepared by test practitioners.  Learning Profiles customized reports detail your child’s cognitive profile in great depth.  Additionally, recommendations are included in Learning Profiles reports that are specific to your child’s profile, rather than a cookie-cutter statement saying if the child is or is not gifted.

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