Is your child struggling in school?

Have your child’s teachers said that he/she is performing below their current grade level? When you do homework with your son/daughter, do they seem to take a longer time than you would have expected?  Or forget the skills you just reviewed with them?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above - you are not alone.

Many parents watch their children struggle year after year in school. The frustration, for both parents and children, increases despite tutors, extra help, and countless interventions. If you are looking for an answer as to why your child is struggling, then a Learning Profiles evaluation is for you.
  • Learning Profiles evaluations focus on both your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learning Profiles evaluations include all necessary components for a DSM-IV diagnosis and meet all public schools criteria.
  • Learning Profiles reports can be customized to make recommendations for private schools that specialize in working with students with disabilities.
  • Testing instruments are used based on your child’s abilities, not based on a predetermined proclivity towards a specific testing instrument.  
  • A detailed report is provided upon completion of evaluation that not only describes the SPECIFIC area your child is having difficulties but WHY these learning problems are occurring.
  • Learning Profiles evaluations can be used for testing accommodations.
How long does a Learning Profiles evaluation take?  Other than gifted testing, information is first collected from you and your child’s teacher. If behavioral observations are necessary than they will be conducted prior to testing. The first testing session will then require a minimum of 3 hours. After this initial data is scored and reviewed, additional testing will be conducted based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. The additional testing will likely be 1-2 hours but may take longer.

What are the benefits of having an evaluation administered by Learning Profiles?  Learning Profiles evaluations are personalized and tailored to meet your child’s needs. Interviews are conducted with parents, and information is gathered from your child’s teacher prior to testing to determine which assessment instruments should be used to most accurately capture your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

As the evaluation progresses, additional tests are used based on your child’s performance. When the evaluation is complete, a detailed and individualized report is written that not only explains your child’s abilities, but relates their specific strengths and weaknesses to their academic progress and behavioral functioning.  Disorders according to the DSM-IV, or eligibilities according to public school criteria are given if the criteria are met.

Many test practitioners use a “one size fits all” model: a series of tests is administered, regardless of the individual child’s needs.  These assessments often give overlapping information and are given in an effort to beef up the report. This additional testing is unnecessary, and often provides contradictory information as the child’s attention and concentration wanes during the various sessions. (A simple analogy would be your doctor ordering an MRI, EKG, blood tests, and a chest X-ray, when the patients primary complaint is a knee injury.)  Just because someone can administer extraneous tests does not mean they should - or that these additional test will provide any useful information. Learning Profiles evaluations reflect your child, not the quantity of testing instruments available to us.

Can a Learning Profiles evaluation provide my child with necessary accommodations for the SAT, PSAT, ACT or AP exams?  Learning Profiles evaluations will satisfy the evaluation requirements as mandated by College Board and the ACT for testing accommodations, if there is a disability, and accommodations are necessary.

Can a Learning Profiles evaluation provide my child with accommodations for the FCAT?  There is no evaluation that can require schools to give accommodations on the FCAT. That decision is made by school based teams who review all the relevant information based on your child’s educational performance. However, a Learning Profiles evaluation can provide information as to WHY your child would need accommodations to be successful on the FCAT.  This information can then be provided to your child's school for them to consider when making a final decision.

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