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At Learning Profiles, our goal is to provide you and your child the tools to be successful in their educational career. This can be accomplished through Evaluations, Tutoring, or Counseling. 

A Learning Profiles Evaluation will give you answers as to why your child is struggling academically or behaviorally. Our Evaluations focus on your child’s strengths and weaknesses and explain the reasons for them. These Evaluations can be used to help your child, or they can be provided to your child’s school to determine what additional services may be available.  Gifted Testing can also be done for those children who display superior characteristics in school and at home. 

Learning Profiles Specializes in the Following Evaluations

  · Gifted Testing · Learning Disabilities  
  · ADHD · Behavioral Assessments  

For those students who may need assistance in acquiring academic skills, Learning Profiles also offers tutoring services.  An evaluation to determine the precise skills that need to be worked on is conducted prior to tutoring so that clear goals can be established and addressed. For parents who are concerned about their child starting school, Learning Profiles assists in Kindergarten Readiness Preparation.  FCAT prep is also available.

Learning Profiles also offers professional counseling services. Our programs focus on short-term sessions targeting the improvement of the lives of those children who have difficulty in school, struggle with academics, or are experiencing other adjustment issues. In addition, Learning Profiles can assist in the psycho-educational development of all family members.



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